Our Seadoo Switch is a great option for a larger group to hit the open water in Northern Colorado and beyond with this affordable take and go boat rental! With it being propellerless it moves just like a jet ski making it the most family friendly boat around.  Our Seadoo is great with pulling a tube or water skis with a watersports ski mode, an inflatable holder, and rearview mirror. The novice person will find this boat so easy to use.  Hitch up and head to any body of water that allows boats. Below are some great recommendations we have!

Where to Go

Horsetooth Reservoir - 10 miles away

Grand Lake - 165 miles away

Glendo State Park - 145 miles away

Carter Lake - 28 miles

Boysen Reservoir - 333 Miles

Chatfield Reservoir - 86 Miles

McConaughy Lake - 230 Miles


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